Aerial Photography

Aerial photography is gaining popularity as a new way to take pictures, rare do photographers get the chance to shoot scenery from above like that.  The novelty of the helicopter ride certainly doesn’t hurt either.  In fact aerial photography is not really a new phenomenon, it has been around since World War II.  Photographers would grab a ride in war planes in the hope of getting a shot of a plane being shot down, or capture shots of enemy fire.  Photographers can be a morbid bunch.

Aerial photography will always be something that most photographers would give their eye teeth a chance to try, they can create magnificent pictures if it is done correctly.  The sheer number if different settings you can capture all over the world that look so much different from the air, rather than on the ground.  Photographers lucky enough to work for news agencies get the opportunity fairly often and have taken some incredible aerial photos.

Aerial photography at its heart are really collections of landscape shots, but from the air you can capture the tops of mountains, the colours of the desert, the steep slopes of the Himalayas.  Parasailing is one way to capture aerial shots without having to book a helicopter ride or try and take pictures from the window of an airplane.

Applications for Aerial Photography

Aerial photography isn’t a hobby for most photographers, they are usually employed to take these picture by some organization or other.  The most common use of aerial photography is the military, they take aerial shots of their enemies on the ground and historically speaking it has affected decisions on whether to send troops in or not.

New organizations have used aerial photography, bigger city news stations have photographers and helicopters on standby in the event something news worthy happens.  Remember the OJ Simpson case, news helicopters following his SUV and filming the whole thing.  City planners will use it for planning and development.  Tourism uses it to capture pictures of beaches and golf courses, aerial photography gives you a bigger field of view when taking pictures.

Drones & GoPro

Less aerial photography is being done by photographers, instead with drone technology you can send a drone into the air equipped with a GoPro and still manage to get some incredible shots.  However nothing will replace the keen eye of a photographer.  Here is a video showing just what kind of pictures you can actually capture using drones.