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Excellent Places to Grab Photos in Leeds

Photographers that capture scenery, beauty shots or even wedding photographers are always looking for interesting backdrops to add depth to their pictures.  The right back drop can turn an average photo into something outstanding.  A good photographer is aware of the relationship between the primary object and the backdrop and can emphasize the different combinations of colour and texture.

Leeds being one of the oldest cities in the UK and has plenty of wonderful places to serve as incredible backdrops to make your photos look stunning.  It is a beautiful city with historical places built during the Roman era all the way to the reign of Queen Victoria.  There are parks, halls, churches and beautiful roundabouts to complement any picture.

Here are some excellent places to grab some photos in Leeds:

Middleton Park

This park is one of the oldest places in and around the city of Leeds.  With woodlands that go back to the seventeenth century and a giant oaks or freshwater ponds along with gorgeous flowers will fit well with wedding or nature photos.

Leeds City Square

Built back in 1899, Leeds City Square is an open area right in the heart of the city.  The main building is an exquisitely built piece of architecture that looks wonderful as a backdrop in photographs.  Go just outside the main building and you can take even more pictures with the fountain, the bronze statue of Black Prince on horseback acting as the backdrop.

Clarence Dock

Located beside the Royal Armories Museum at River Aire in the city center was originally constructed for transportation of goods in and out of Leeds.  In 2008 it was transformed into a more urban area with shopping, living and the nearby museum.

In the evening the dock makes for a beautiful backdrop.  You can an interesting juxtaposition between the dock and the nearby high rises at sunset.  The museum in the right light casting the right shadows has made for some award winning shots in Leeds.

Parish Church of Saint Peter

The church is a brilliant representation of 17th century architecture and it is the center of many a wedding photo taken here in Leeds.  Constructed with ashlar stone, it has been added to and rebuilt many times so it displays the style of several periods throughout history.  It has a slate roof and both the inside and outside of the church make a visually capturing backdrop for your wedding photographs.

Leeds being such a historical city has many backdrops in which you can capture its beauty and the above are just a handful.  Strap on your camera and go exploring it is the best way to see the city and capture great pictures in the moment.

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